Golnar Bakhtiar
March 2006 in Sotogrande
I wish to express my thanks and great appreciation to the members of the Bakhtiari family for sending me interesting family photographs.

A special thanks to my cousin Amir Homayoun Ilkhan Bakhtiar, for his research and trips to several cities in order to gather most of these pictures from various cousins, and also for giving me the idea for the page about the Bakhtiaris and the Constitution.

A special thanks to Lily Sardarian Bakhtiari and her husband Bahman Oskoui for their research, writing, translating and editing the various articles.

Many thanks to Abol Asad Bakhtiar who had generously dismantled his living room decorations in order to photograph these pictures; to my son Dariush Yazdan- Panah for his sponsorship, and to my uncle Majid Ilkhan Bakhtiar for most of the original old pictures.

My appreciation also goes to my brother Shahrokh for his research in finding different articles, and to Hooman and other members of the Bakhtiari family for their contributions.

I also wish to thank my web designer, Nina, for her patience and great understanding of these pages and the thought put into the arrangement of the photos.
- Golnar Bakhtiar